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A Brand New Blog

Well!  I have to say, after getting some experience in creating The Practical Christian, I’d like to just take a bit of time to be informal with this blog.  I guess we’ll just call this particular blog Justin’s Place.

Honestly, I was debating what to call it.  “Justin’s Rambles,” “Justin’s Thoughts,” “Justin’s Coffee House,” or “Justin’s Coffee Break” came to mind, but meh.  I decided to just go with Justin’s Place.  It’s a place I’ll come to tell you a bit about myself, post my thoughts, and just to have a good time.  Didn’t know pastors like to have fun?  Wrong!  Depending on who you talk to, you can have wildly different experiences with pastors.  Yup, I’d say that you’ll meet at least… well, I don’t really have a number, but you’ll meet a lot of people in your lifetime.  I hope you do, anyway.

So, a bit about yours truly.  I’m a 23 year old man (until June, when I’ll turn 24 and then have age++ every June forthwith) that enjoys enjoying things.  I enjoy these things, in no particular order:

  • Coffee
  • Ministry
  • Nintendo games
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
  • Exercise
  • Coffee
  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Christmas
  • Giving
  • Working hard
  • Personal growth
  • Laughing loudly
  • Coffee
  • Writing
  • <ERROR 404 text not found>
  • Computer programming
  • Loving

…And a lot more.  That’s not even an adequate list.  I think I forgot to mention that my favorite drink is coffee, but I guess that’s a moot detail, eh?  All in all, I’m a pretty silly guy.  I manipulate my vocal cords to do all kinds of funny voices, impressions, and accents.

I like to try to stay healthy for the fact that it lets you keep working and helping others in life.  Plus, when I was born, my arteries were backwards.  Yeah… so I was getting blood to my brain and air to my bloodstream in a bad way.  At five days old, I was cut open and my heart was flipped around during an experimental surgery called Transposition of the Great Vessels/Major Arteries.  Things went well.  At nine years old, I had another surgery, Repair of the Major Arteries, because they were closing up.

So now, here I am.  Sitting here at my computer at 12:40 AM.  Off work at McDonald’s, where I work as a manager.  Which is odd, since I recently graduated college with a degree in behavioral psychology, minor in sociology, and more computer programming classes than I can remember.

I’m also a pastor in the United Methodist Church.  You can hear more about that on http://www.thepracticalchristian.wordpress.com, my first blog.

This post is getting pretty long.  Time to end it.

Ciao for now!


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